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A Trip Planning and Travel Preparation
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Lake Louise is a reward for good trip planning / Lake Louise, (c)2007 Ted Grellner

What makes a trip a "success"?

Perhaps good planning as well as having the right "stuff" with you? 
If you have done much traveling, you realize how much work is involved in putting all the details together, deciding what you'll need, then getting it.
Could you use a detailed resource for trip planning and travel preparation?

 has collected many travel information and shopping resources
to help you with your planning and preparation.


It is logically organized to help you from Start to Finish:

Researching ideas to plan your trip
(Find Destinations/Activities, Travel for Adventure, SportsRomance, Less Money
or find Top Vacation Spots)

Gathering travel information necessary to make your trip

Resources to help with travel arrangements
(Getting There, Where to Stay, Ground Transportation, GPS/Maps/Directions,
What to Do While There)

Gathering the stuff you need for your trip 
as well as
tasks you need to do before leaving

Helpful information for your day of travel

After the Trip

& more (Articles, Photography tips)

What problems do you face planning your travel?

Don't know...

where to go
 what you're going to do while there
where to get travel books & maps

How to find...

a romantic travel destination
a vacation doing sports activities you enjoy
a top vacation spot
a vacation or getaway for less
a 3 day Getaway
a vacation/getaway for adventure
travel information
advice about travel arrangements
the stuff you need for your trip


Are you special?

planning a wedding
like a bit of luxury


Problems you face while traveling:
(a sampling)

Get lost navigating in unfamiliar places
Entertainment you wanted to see is sold out when you arrive
Always forget something
Need someone to care for pet
No thank you gift for host
Carry-on bag too heavy / full
Clothes too bulky for your luggage
Clothes aren't comfortable for travel
Forget to stop mail
is outdated, too hard to use
Packing is disorganized/haphazard
Traveling is awkward and uncomfortable
Couldn't find gear you needed for your sports/outdoor adventure



What's New? 

**All navigational links have been changed to improve your experience**

Research - Plan Trip:

 Find a Romantic Travel Destination
Added: books to research romantic travel destinations,
hotels in top romantic destinations

YOU are SPECIAL! | Students
Added:  A website by the U.S. Dept. of State specifically for Students Abroad

Travel Information:
Links added to help you research transportation of hazardous materials, such as spare lithium batteries

Travel Arrangements:

1 | GETTING THERE | by Car
Recently updated with Books, Articles, Gear and Websites related to road trips including how to find:
America's best scenic roadways, vehicle recalls, road closures 

Added: Articles, Video and Gear related to Exercising when traveling
including sports like biking/cycling and hiking

- to find/map a run, find an event to do, group to run with, etc.


Travel Light | THE KINDLE 
Updated new Kindle information

Travel Arrangements, Adventure Travel, or 3 Day Getaway:

Getting There by Motorcycle | Accessories, Tips


--Stuff -- To Bring, To Do:  

 Clothes | Travel Clothing
Updated with TravelSmith clothes added,
Separated outdoor/active travel clothing from fashionable travel clothes


Businesses added:


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