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3 Day Getaways

Spur-of-the-Moment Activities can often be the most fun / Hiawatha Bike Trail, Idaho - (c) 2006 Ted Grellner

If you have never done so, taking a 3-Day Weekend Getaway is almost like taking a mini-vacation. It is just enough time to feel as if you have been gone a week.

It needn't take a special occasion to get away. However, should you wish to make it a romantic getaway, your choice of destinations may be somewhat different than if you just wanted a break.

What if just you girls want to get away? See Getaways for 'Girls Only'.

What to Do?

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Weekend Getaways - (books)

So, what shall you do at your destination? That depends on your interests. Do you want to commune with nature by biking, hiking, or any of a number of outdoor sports to enjoy together. If this will be your focus you may want to go to Adventure Travel for quick links through this website to help in putting it together.

If you need ideas, go to Find a Travel Destination or Activities and scroll through the resources available. For example:

  • If you like art, AskArt is a link where you can find art galleries or museums in the town you will be visiting; check out what exhibits will be available.
  • If you like festivals, there is a link to all community festivals, fairs, etc.
  • If you like gardens, history, museums, spas, or World Heritage Sites, there are resources for these as well.

If you just want to check out a new city to see what it has available, State Travel and Tourism Sites is a great jumping off site brought to you by Just click on the State of your choice, then find a link to the city that interests you. If you can't find a link to the city's tourism site, you may have to do a search to locate it.

How About a Getaway by Motorcycle?

Whether it is by yourself, with a passenger, or with another cyclist, it affords a much different sense of freedom than when doing the same trip in a car. Is it the challenge of driving 2-wheels or perhaps the beauty and remoteness of two-lane roads that makes the difference? How do you prepare for this unique weekend getaway? See Getting There | by MOTORCYCLE for tips in packing, navigating, clothing selection, motorcycle gear, etc.

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