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Golf Club Buying Guide

Golfcard International - A network of over 3,600 affiliated golf courses and resorts throughout North America, who reward our members with discounts on golf, lodging, pro shop purchases and range privileges:

Discounts at over 3600 courses. Click Here for Golf Card.  

GolfOutletsUSA - the world's lowest priced golf superstore, offers a tremendous inventory of quality golf equipment, fitness gear, and so much more:

NGC Golf - "unique, scientifically designed golf products not found in stores", products designed to improve one's golf game through the use of innovative designs and new component materials. Products include clubs, balls, training aids, apparel, and accessories. Regularly advertise in USA TODAY, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, US News and World Report, Golf Digest, PGA Tour Partners, and more.

The World’s Leader in Scientific Golf Equipment for Over 25 Years

Nitro Golf -

Used Golf Balls at Discount Prices!

Red Envelope -

RedEnvelope Monogrammable Golf Golf Club Links - $49.95


Guys like to play golf because:

A – They think that they actually good at it. You are good only if you can beat this 12 year-old girl, who is on-track to make more money than Lebron James
B – They need something to spend abnormal amounts of money on and to complain about before and after for the next month 
C – Golf is a great excuse for day drinking, as beer is proven to be a natural performance enhancer. Co-incidentally, this can also exponentially increase the fun of parallel activities such as golf carts, heckling your buddies, reshaping nonperforming clubs, and maintaining your balance.
Anyway - regardless of why you are playing to win, playing to play, or playing to drink, you will need a set of clubs. And why not honor your long-standing tradition of missing putts, bogeying par 3s, and slicing the ball at every opportunity by getting some engraved golf club links from Red Envelope for your clubs. 
Let’s face it. Those clubs you spent your last month’s paycheck on are probably not going to help you as much as promised – if any. So if you’re trying to get a stand-out set, why not opt for the other end of the club and go with these. 
At least they won’t get lost – unless you pack like you drive. 

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