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Road Trip!

Planning a Road Trip?
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  • GPS-enabled cell phones - When traveling, a very convenient way to always have access to navigation help is via your cell phone. Not only can it guide you to your destination but also find restaurants, stores, attractions, etc. along the way (sorted by those closest to your current position, as well!). This eliminates the need to pack a separate auto GPS, and some programs can be used when walking through a city.

If you have never used GPS navigation, this technology can make travel so much less complicated, more fun, and safer when you are lost. I will not travel in the U.S. without this type of phone. If you are not sure if your phone is GPS equipped, check with your carrier.

Google Maps is an application that you can use to give you turn-by-turn directions to a destination or to locate the nearest "whatever". If you have never used Google Maps, try locating a service here on your computer to see how it works:

Google Maps

Don't have a GPS navigation device? You can also use Mapquest for directions, traffic or see road conditions.

  • GPS devices - if your cell phone doesn't have a GPS navigational software available on it (like Google Maps, etc.) bring a separate GPS device or rent a car equipped with one.

GPS makes travel to unfamiliar areas so much easier and safer. The real beauty of these devices is being able to get directions to a location from wherever you are currently and getting automatically updated directions when you make a wrong turn.

Remember that having navigational software on your cell phone or bringing your own auto GPS will save you from having to rent a GPS-equipped car!

Car GPS: see below


Other Useful Road Information:


Road Trip
Planning a Road Trip



"How to Plan a Road Trip" - on WikiHow
"How to Plan a Road Trip. With Actual Paper, Even" - USA TODAY Travel
"America's Most Scenic Roads" - TRAVEL+LEISURE


Web Sites:

  • *America's Byways* - an excellent resource by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration for locating America's Byways, a collection of 150 distinct and diverse roads that include the National Scenic Byways and All-American Roads. 

-  Learn more about America's Scenic Byways HERE
-  For a list of Byways by State click HERE

  • American Roads - A website for finding and traveling America's scenic and historic old highways.

    Steve Varner has passionately devoted himself to retracing these the old U.S. auto trails and federal highways providing maps and photographs to document his travels.

  • Planning Fun Road Trips - a comprehensive website for planning your next road trip.


National Traffic and Road Closure Information
U.S. Dept. of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration


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If you are driving an especially boring stretch of highway, there is no better way to stay alert than listening to an audio book.

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Maps & Road Atlases
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Portable Automotive GPS

The creation of the car GPS (Global Positioning System, a satellite-based navigation system consisting of a network of 24 orbiting satellites) makes a road trip infinitely easier and safer, especially in traffic.

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