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There are numerous travel-specific items designed to make travel more comfortable, safe or just easier:
from luggage to clothing, to travel items for the plane, to electrical plugs/convertors for overseas travel.

You will be amazed by the variety of items available just for the traveler.


Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

TSA-Friendly Laptop Bags
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Travel Blanket and Pillow Set
Vapur Anti-bottle

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Travel Accessories for Men
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Travel Accessories for Women
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Electrical Requirements: In case you have never traveled to a foreign country, there is a dazzling array of plug configurations to deal with as well as different voltages (some countries use 220-240 volts vs. the 110v you are used to using for small appliances). What to do? First, figure out what appliances you need to take with you, including all items that must be charged while away (cameras or camera batteries, cell phones, PDA's, computers, etc.). You will need to check every item for it's particular electrical requirements: read the "fine print" embossed on the item itself to see what voltage it is designed for. Some are for 110v only, some 110-240v. The latter (dual voltage items) will generally only require an adaptor plug for you to use so purchasing a kit of various plug configurations will generally take care of those appliances.

In the case of items designed only for 110v and you plan to visit a country with a 220-240v power system, you will need a transformer as well to reduce "the juice" for your appliance. With sensitive electrical equipment, such as sophisticated camera batteries or cameras, you must read the manufacturer's book on charging them overseas. Some require that you purchase only their specific transformer/converter to avoid problems with subtle electrical differences.

For a great article to reduce confusion on this subject, read: "With electricity, knowledge is power"

A comprehensive web site, suggested by the previous article, that provides additional information as well as worldwide electrical standards, see: WORLD STANDARDS - Electricity around the world (you may want to have your pop-up blocker on before going to this site). This is an excellent resource on the subject.


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