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Adventure Travel

hikers resting on hillside in Dolomite Mtns, Italy

(from short weekend getaways to extended adventure vacations)


The term "adventure" may mean different things to different people. To some it might mean camping, simply enjoying the outdoors lifestyle and exploring the natural beauty of the area. A weekend camping trip can be a great way to get away from it all.

To another, it might be staying in a park lodge, bed and breakfast or perhaps a 4 star hotel and enjoying sports activities during the day rather than strictly sightseeing, coming back to the comfort of a real bed at night. The sports enjoyed may be day hikes, biking, running, climbing, watersports, etc. at sites within a radius of 25-50 miles. See adventure sports below.

It could also mean traveling by motorcycle which affords an even greater sense of freedom. Taking two wheels to a winding two lane road can help you to escape the crowd rushing to their destination and missing the beautiful scenery of remote areas. Read our new section on Getting There | by MOTORCYCLEfor tips on how to find motorcycle-friendly routes, clothes that work well for packing into the limited space of saddle bags, navigation tips, etc.


Adventure Travel - overseas adventure travel

Finally, an adventure vacation may be travel to a foreign land experiencing a culture and environment very different from one's own. With little experience traveling out of the country, it can be quite a comfort to travel with a group, leaving all the 'worrying' about the travel details to a tour operator. If this is you, this is for you:

In deciding upon a destination(s), doing a little book research can be very enlightening. Be sure to check out books in TravelUplan's SPECIAL INTEREST Bookstore. After entering the bookstore, look to the category list to your right and click on "travel guidebooks (general)" to find books like:

1,000 Places to See Before You Die
Journeys of a Lifetime
The Traveler's Atlas

Here are several more very useful resources for researching a trip overseas:

Trip Planning Books | Maps
(Lonely Planet Guidebooks)

 Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory

 World Heritage Sites

or if you wish to make arrangements on your own:

Travel Arrangements

Adventure Travel - adventure sports

An adventure vacation of a multi-sport variety can be self-organized, renting equipment as needed locally or might be an all-inclusive multi-sport vacation organized by a tour operator who arranges everything: itinerary, transportation from the gateway city to adventure site(s), lodging, meals and some equipment. They may also contract with outfitters specialized in their particular area of expertise, e.g. rapelling (scaling down a rock ledge on a rope), climbing, biking or kayaking, etc.

I have been on several of these vacations and they are extremely fun. Using a tour operator helps to introduce you to this type of vacation so that if a time comes when finances are tight, you might be able to put a vacation together yourself at a reduced cost. While you lose the expertise of the guides and the experience of the company in knowing the best areas to visit, after doing some research you should be able to create a vacation utilizing local sports outfitters that can be very enjoyable.

Here are quick links to areas in travelUplan that will be useful to you in planning for an adventure sports vacation:

Sites Frequently Used to Plan Trips
(to locate State or National Parks)

Find a Sports Activity
(to locate trails, etc)

Trip Planning Books | Maps
(find interesting places to go)

5 | What to Do While There - Exercise
(for biking, hiking and running routes)


Stuff to Bring:

Travel Clothing

Outdoor Clothing | Active Wear

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 (to look for a rolling duffel bag, backpacks)
Bags | Packing Aids
(for packing cubes, folders, duffel bags)

Sports and Outdoor Gear
(for remote areas, don't forget a personal GPS locator)

Outdoor Gear, Footwear
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Sports Equipment | Summer

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