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Entertainment While Traveling:


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eBooks and eBook readers
Magazines and eMagazines



Amazon:               Amazon Books



These are perfect for listening to while doing something else, and are especially entertaining while driving.


*Remember also that a Kindle can be used to read selected books to you like an audiobook - whether a purchased Kindle book has this option is predetermined by it's author.


If you are new to reading eBooks (electronic books) on a computer, PDA or electronic reader, as decadent as it may sound to do so, it can be very helpful in dramatically reducing bulk and weight of your carry-on bag.

If you are one who likes to read on a trip, it is not unusual to take along 2 books or more, not to mention magazines or newspapers. You can easily download eBooks and take more books on your device than you could carry in paper form. (The Kindle: 1500 titles, Kindle DX: 2500 titles)

Some readers, like a Palm PDA, tablet or ipad are backlit to read without accessory lighting. Sony's Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon's Kindle all require lighting, perhaps with a booklight, but will last thousands of pages between charges. (The Kindle can go a week before recharging) Don't forget, though, a few extra batteries for the booklight; spares, though, could always be purchased along the way.

Before purchasing a reader, check out the books available for it. Both Palm, Sony and Kindle (Amazon) have their own bookstores that sell books formatted to their particular machines. Palm does offer Adobe Reader for it's devices but some eBooks in .PDF format will not interface with the Palm software and may only be downloaded to a computer (which you may have wanted to leave at home) or Nook.

The Kindle and Nook are unique in that they download wirelessly via Wi-Fi (though some Kindles also have 3-G download capability), not requiring a computer and internet connectivity to download the book then transfer to the device. With 3-G capability you can shop for books and download on the go anywhere you would expect to be able to use a cell phone if you don't want to be tied to Wi-Fi access. (Some new Kindle 3G devices can now download in Europe.)

Kindle now has hundreds of thousands of books available, many for free. For Amazon Prime members, selected books can be borrowed. Participating public libraries can loan Kindle books!

Reduce Your Carry-On Weight! These devices can reduce your carry-on weight and bulk substantially. (The Kindle 2 is a little more than 1/3 inch thick and weighs 10.2 oz.) If you like to read when you travel, these eReaders warrant your attention:

eBook Readers and Accessories

Amazon Kindle:



Kindle eBooks


Magazine Subscriptions -




If you are going "green" these days, this is another way to save a lot of trees, reduce clutter in your home and further reduce what you are having to haul in your carry-on.

Go to the Kindle Newstand to browse through newspapers or magazines:

Kindle Newstand
Kindle Magazines
Kindle Newspapers

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