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Sometimes the ideas for a trip take shape slowly - Warwick Castle, U.K. (c) 2006 Ted Grellner


This first section of TravelUplan has numerous resources for you to use in creating a vacation plan:

  • doing research in other web sites 
  • purchasing travel planning books, maps, videos  
  • checking out lists of top vacation spots, ski destinations, all-inclusive resorts or current promotions including "Last Minute Deals". 


Find a Travel Destination or Activity to find a destination (if you don't already have one) or a non-sports activity to enjoy on your trip

Find a Romantic Travel Destination to plan a trip for that "special" someone

Find a Sports Activity 

Trip planning Books, Maps, Travel Videos

Top Vacation Spots & Cruises

- sometimes following the "crowd" by choosing a TOP SPOT can save a lot of effort in planning where to go.

- sometimes just going to one spot where everything is ALL-INCLUSIVE is the choice when you just want to get away to relax.

- cruises, those floating hotels, are just the right choice for visiting many destinations without having to move your bags at all

Vacation | GETAWAYS for Less

- there are many options when you are looking to get away.  A trip doesn't always have to be a week.

3 Day Weekend Getaways

- Get away from it all periodically to recharge your batteries.  Here are some ideas.

Adventure Travel

- How do you define "adventure"?  This page will help link you to resources to put it all together.

Last Minute Deals

 - Deals that are only available for a limited period of time, sometimes only for a few days or less! 

 - Other current promotions