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 2 | WHERE TO STAY (Lodging)

Travel Arrangements U Make / Thurston House (1875) B&B, Maitland, FL - (c) 2008 Ted Grellner



When you travel, if you have never stayed in a Bed and Breakfast, you have missed out on a very relaxing experience, whether alone or with your sweetheart.  Like hotels, you have to do a little research to select the style / environment that best matches your taste, but a little bit of homework can reward you with a very comfortable stay.

 You will find in the owners of a Bed and Breakfast a variety of personalities, from the typical “motherly” type to the adventurous, just off the oil rig, “Marlboro Man” who just loves cooking a full breakfast for his guests. Everyone has their unique tale to tell and all love to meet and know their guests.

 And talk about a breakfast! They range from the ordinary to the extraordinary, but nowhere can you mingle so easily with other interesting travelers sharing your own tales.

 Don’t forget other amenities that may come with a Bed and Breakfast: a garden, a pool, a large breezy porch or a cozy living room to sit quietly and read a book.  In the early evening, some provide wine so the innkeeper and guests can mingle before the latter leave the inn for dinner.  

Like hotels, some now offer wireless internet access or perhaps a hard-wired terminal you can plug into.  All offer an environment that is unique and comfortable. Only disadvantage: you will have to go elsewhere for meals other than breakfast. - "a comprehensive worldwide listing of bed and breakfast, B&B homestays, country inns, urban B&B's, guest houses, lodges, cabins, historic hotels, small resorts, guest ranches, farmhouse accommodations, and working farm and ranch vacations."

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