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Organized Travel Planning You Do Yourself / Glacier N.P., Montana - (c) 2006 Ted Grellner
Stuff to bring
Stuff to Do:
(before leaving)

Convenient online shopping for "stuff" you need to bring:
digital cameras, travel clothes, gear & clothes for outdoor sports/recreation, and helpful packing tips.

There is also help with "stuff" to do  before leaving, such as emergency preparation, home arrangements, etc.

Finally, entertainment while traveling:
books and magazines (paper, audio, digital), music and movies....

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Additional "Stuff"

Automobile / Car  "Stuff":  1|GETTING THERE by Car

Camping Gear:  2|WHERE TO STAY - Camping

Maps / GPS:    1|GETTING THERE by Car

Motorcycle Gear:   1|GETTING THERE  by Motorcycle

Wedding:    YOU are SPECIAL! - Wedding


1 -  travel clothing (lightweight, quickdrying, wrinkle-resistant) - clothes make up the majority of the weight and bulk we pack.  Hiking clothes, lightweight apparel designed for the outdoors, can not only lighten your load considerably but wear comfortably.  Read: Travel & Hiking Clothes | LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS for more information.

2 -  eBooks (and an eBook reader, like the Kindle): save lots of carry-on weight and space by carrying books, newspapers, and magazines electronically.  If you need to carry a computer anyway, you could temporarily download your reading material onto your computer until you get an eBook reader.

The advantages of the Kindle, for example, include ease of reading compared to a computer screen, longer battery life, and the convenience of it's smaller size and direct wireless downloading; you can also hold it like a book which you can't do with a computer.