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Travel Information and Arrangements

Preparations: Luggage, Travel Clothing, Gear, Gifts,...

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-Short on time in planning or preparing for a trip?

-Afraid you will forget a vital detail or item?

-Bogged down by carrying too much weight in clothes?

-Tired of using precious free time at your destination to plan recreation, restaurants & entertainment?


TravelUplan is designed for:

  • the occasional traveler with limited experience who can use:
    • helpful hints
    • reminders of items needed
    • discover travel-related gear that can make travel much easier.  Travel clothing can greatly reduce the weight & bulk of your bag. 
    • resources to make travel arrangements and shopping very convenient.


  • the experienced traveler with very limited time to get ready for his/her trip.  He/she will:
    • save time by shopping on-line for needed items. 
      • Save time browsing thru larger selections of items (like shoes and clothing!), faster on-line.
      • Save gas by not having to drive to each store, if these stores were even available in your area
    • use on-line tools for:


  • the sophisticated traveler who wants gear or clothes for travel and/or outdoor activities planned at the destination as well as fashionable clothing and accessories.


  • ME!  I really designed this site to save myself tons of time when I research a business trip, outdoor adventure vacation or even just a 3-day weekend.  You will see frequent updates as I make discoveries for myself.  Be assured that I am utilizing this site along with you for every trip I take! (TG)

The convenience of having these many useful resources in one place will save you TIME, gas and aggravation.  Take advantage of everything this site has to offer and share with us any resources you feel can benefit others.

Bon Voyage!