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Students sitting on steps of Cathedral in Orvieto, IT / (c) 2007 Ted Grellner


Student travel has often included Europe as a destination for it's art and architecture, cultural experiences, history, cuisine, etc. How fun it is to trace family roots that may have started in this 'Old World'.

Travel through Europe is made so easy and fun with their incredible train system, and affordable with the rail passes. It is truly an adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime.


Student Travel Guides
Student Travel Safety (books)

  • Students Abroad - travel information from the U.S. Department of State: travel docs, health, emergencies, embassies, smart travel, spring break, to go, voting, news & alerts

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CouchSurfing - Do you just need a free couch for the night?  Here is a concept in "volunteerism" that helps to bring together travelers and locals. 

This link will take you to their "About" page so you can learn more about this new travel concept in hospitality sharing.

About CouchSurfing

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The Scholarship and Grant Guide - yes, this is a bit off the beaten path of student travel but no student who needs money for college should be without this. 

Search 20 million scholarships and grants from one guide. 

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