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Finding the internet when traveling:

local Wi-Fi Hot Spots
internet cafes
internet phone

  • hotel


  • Your room either by Wi-Fi or direct broadband/DSL access through a hardwire (ethernet) connection. Though many hotels charge for Wi-Fi service in the rooms, they might provide it free in their lobby.
  • Your room (or anywhere) using either an 
    • external broadband card connected to your computer (using a network similar to that of a cell phone, that can be used anywhere a cell phone has service) or 
    • smartphone that has broadband connectivity so you can use it as a modem for your computer
    • internal: a computer that has it built-in. When you purchase a notebook with a built-in card, be aware that they generally can only access only the carrier the card was built for (ask which carrier before you purchase).  
    • smartphone with internet access via 3G or 4G network.

  •  Hotel business center which may, or may not, be free. 

  • local Wi-Fi hot spots

- locate by:

- for Android 
- for iPhone

You will be able to locate FREE Wi-Fi hotspots and those with a fee.

  • or

    • Wi-Fi Hot Spot Detectors (Wi-Fi Finders): 

Wifi Detectors


These are handy for locating unknown hot spots as well as finding the best location within known hot spots for reception.

  • Internet Cafes

- computers and internet service available for rent, usually charged by time used 

  • -  to search for a Cyber Cafe' near you (over 4000 listed in 141 countries 

  • Internet Phone 

Internet Phone
Skype Phones
VOIP Phones

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