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Planning a trip overseas can sometimes be like traveling through a fog / Wing in Fog (c) 2007 Ted Grellner

Planning a trip, especially if overseas, can sometimes feel like traveling through fog. You know what you need to do but finding the appropriate resources to get it done can be tedious.

This page lists many sources of information that you will find very useful for domestic as well as foreign travel, especially if this is your first trip out of the country:
TSA requirements, airport security, weather (foreign and domestic),
passport help as well as other international travel considerations.

General Information
International Travel Information
Travel Health Advice



AIRPORT SECURITY CHECKPOINT WAIT TIME - Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

It can be very helpful to checkout this site in advance to plan how early you must leave for the airport. You can find out by the airport, day of week and time of day what the approx. security wait time will be at each terminal! This is, of course an estimate based on historical data, but there are certain times of day that are much more busy typically than others. (This link is repeated on "GO! The Day of Travel" if you want to recheck it)

BEST DAYS (and times) TO FLY from the 29 largest U.S. Airports (NATCA: National Air Traffic Controllers Association)

    • insider tips on how to avoid delays
    • best time of day to fly out of a specific airport
    • best airports to connect through

Know Before You Go - (TSA) 

If you are not a veteran traveler, or if there may have recent changes, this is the place to go to know what you can and cannot carry on the plane.  (This link is also repeated on "GO! The Day of Travel" for your convenience)

TSA Recognized Baggage Locks
Safe Travel with Batteries and Devices
Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions
ID Requirements at Airport Checkpoints
"Checkpoint Friendly" Laptop Bag Procedures
3-1-1- Rules regarding carry-on Liquids
Prohibited Items for Air Travel
Traveling with Special Items


TSA-Friendly Laptop Bags
--> 3 -1-1 Travel Kit
Travel Blanket and Pillow Set
Vapur Anti-bottle - (fill after TSA, save money)

TSA now requests that shoes be placed directly on conveyor belt, not in bins.

Hazardous Materials -

Get current information regarding transporting hazardous materials. Read updated information on spare lithium batteries, etc.


Hazardous materials information for passengers: pack safely / flammable products / regulations, policies and notices


Tips to Keep Your Property Safe ( - "How airline travelers can thwart rogue TSA thieves"

Air Travel Problems

Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement (U.S. Dept. of Transportation)

  • File a consumer complaint with DOT
  • Air Travel Consumer Report
  • Rules, Guidelines, and Enforcement Orders
  • Aviation Safety and Security
  • Travel Tips & Publications
  • Service Cessations / Bankruptcy

Travel Tips

The Weather forecast is always important to travel planning / Heavy Fog in Dolomite Mtns, Italy - (c) 2007 Ted Grellner



Weather at Your Destination - Knowing the weather at your destination will help in planning what to pack. Go to "Go! The Day of Travel" to set up your destination weather widget, then check out the weather there!

Custom Weather Forecast - You may also wish to check out "Flight Forecast"  (this will be mentioned again under Clothes)  of for a "custom weather forecast for all legs of your trip, including what to pack and destination information"

International Weather Forecasts




Electrical power converters, see Specialty Stores for Travelers 

Embassy information - Find a US Embassy Worldwide - US Dept of State

Information for Foreign Visitors to the U.S. - USA.Gov 

Military Considerations:

Passport Information:

    • U.S. Dept. of State - for official passport rules, information, etc.
    • U.S. Post Office - for passport application information, fees, etc. START EARLY!
    • If you didn't start early enough to get your passport thru the U.S. Post Office, for a little more you can get it overnight with this service as seen in Forbes and on MSNBC:


Project Visa for:

 Other visa information:

International travel tips (YouTube video)

  •  U.S. Dept. of State - Visas 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection site - a wealth of information is on this web site including Know Before You Go - Regulations for U.S. Residents which contains everything U.S. Residents should know before they go abroad:

      • Top 10 Traveler Tips
      • Traveler's Checklist
      • Documents you will need to re-enter the U.S.
      • What you must declare
      • Your inspection
      • Duty-free Exemption
      • Money
      • Photographic film
      • Western Hemishphere Travel Initiative: current travel document requirements for U.S. and Canadian travelers entering the U.S. Stricter documentation requirements went into effect for air travelers on Jan. 23, 2007 and will affect land and sea travel into the U.S. on June 1, 2009.

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture:

U.S. Dept. of State

    • International Travel home page for Country Specific information, available for every country of the World. These pages include information such as locations of U.S. Embassies or consulates, unusual immigration practices, health conditions, minor political disturbances, unusual currency and entry regulations, crime and security information and drug penalties.

 "Tips for Traveling Abroad" This is a comprehensive site with many good suggestions such as: 

      • Free online service to register your travel plans so that the State Dept. can better assist you in an emergency
      • Taking a pet overseas
      • Places to receive mail
      • Health information, especially re: vaccinations, insurance, taking medications and filling prescriptions abroad
      • Passport information

These are only a few of the many items covered in these "Tips for Traveling Abroad". Anyone planning to travel out of the U.S. would be advised to review this entire web page.


Travel Health Advice

Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Health information necessary for international travel. Travelers' Health is the home page for locating travel health information such as

  • worldwide flu outbreaks
  • vaccination requirements
  • health information by destination

For more medical information regarding travel
go to: Emergencies - see 'medical'

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