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Travel Clothes

Fashionable | Functional

While hiking clothes are functionally one of the best choices, they may not always be the most fashionable.

There are a number of travel fabrics used to create travel clothing that is both attractive and ideal for the traveler's needs: lightweight, wrinkle-free, quick-dry and easy to launder, sun protective or even bug-repellant.


Travel and Outdoor Clothes -(brands)

ExOfficio -"Technical, Outdoor and Travel Clothing, plus Buzz Off Insect Repellant Apparel, Shirts, pants, shorts, underwear... 20 years of innovations in travel clothing to enhance your adventure"

ExOfficio - BugsAway

ExOfficio - Clothes for a Big Planet (88x31)

I cannot speak highly enough about this apparel line. It is designed with the traveler / hiker /outdoorsman in mind.

Their clothing is functional, easy-care, lightweight, comfortable and fashionable. They will change your mindset regarding the clothing you travel with.

The easy-care design will allow you to launder while on the road, reducing the number of clothes you'll need to take. Expand the number of different outfit combinations by picking colors that are all complimentary.

The ultimate reward is a lighter and perhaps smaller bag to have to carry!

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Advanture & Travel Systems

TravelSmith - Clothing designed for travel with both fashion and function in mind.

- for Men

Travelsmith Men
TS Men - new & bestselling

- for Women

Travelsmith Women
TS Women - new & bestselling

Travel Clothing

Hiking clothes, again, make ideal travel clothes because of they're lightweight and generally much quicker drying, (important for evaporating sweat - keeping cool - and drying after washing). If you look, you can also find insect-resistant and sun-protective clothing.

While the outdoors look may be perfectly fine for guys, ladies on vacation may want more choices for their look.

- for Men

Hiking Pants Mens
Hiking Shirts - Men

Hiking Socks
Hiking Underwear


- for Women

Travel Clothing for Women
Travel Clothing for Women
- by Avg. Customer Review
- New and Bestselling

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