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What luggage to use? 

In deciding what luggage to use, are you traveling overseas?

If not, sturdy luggage that can withstand a beating may be your first consideration since you will not be lifting or carrying your luggage as much in the States as you would in Europe. A brand popular amongst travel professionals is TravelPro. It is built to hold up to rigorous handling and is well-designed. It is easy to connect a second, smaller roller bag to your larger, primary bag on its front as well as slip your matching carry-on over the handle of your primary bag, rolling all three pieces as one. My model came with a hanging toiletry bag that I have pre-loaded with toiletries so I don't have to re-pack for every trip. It also contains shoe and laundry bags, folding suit bag and plenty of zippered pouches inside and out for stuffing extra papers, or clothes. Disadvantage: heavier than soft-sided luggage.